Measuring the Authorial Momentum

It feels so great, now that I have Personal Jesus with my editor. For the first time in months I’m able to devote some head space to book 3 in the California Gothic, The Goddess of Los Angeles. The first part of this was, of course, going back through and reading the 30,000 or so words I’d written before having to go back and re-edit. I also had to go through all of my notes to remind myself what the hell I was writing and where I was going with it. I’ve also revisited my list of David Bowie song titles (each of the chapters in Los Angeles takes its name from a Bowie song).

Even though I know how important the edits to Personal Jesus are, I couldn’t shake the feeling I wasn’t making progress through working on book 1 when I’d already finished book 2. However, even just writing two and a half thousand words over the past few days makes me feel I’ve made huge strides forward. I knew, of course, that editing book 1 was progressing as a whole, but because I wasn’t writing for the latest book in the series I felt that my authorial momentum had stalled.

The whole time I’ve been editing Personal Jesus I’ve had scenes and dialogue for Los Angeles drifting in and out of my mind, and I can at last begin to order my thoughts.

I just hope I get to finish my first draft without my editor coming back and telling me there are more major changes to make to Personal Jesus.

*Goes back to writing with fingers crossed*


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