Santa Claus: The First Superhero

Comic Book Resources wrote yesterday about Grant Morrison’s Klaus. Drawn by Dan Mora and published by Boom! Studios, Morrison describes it as “Santa Claus: Year Zero”. Taking the character everyone knows and retelling their origin story (photo credit for the above image: ComicBookResources.com).

Last year I wrote my own version of a modern take on Santa Claus, from a slightly different angle to Morrison’s. While Klaus (issue #1 of which is due in November) will look at how the man begins on his path to being the character we’re all familiar with, Yule looks at modern day Saint Nick, hundreds of years old and disillusioned about his role in society.

If Klaus is Grant Morrison’s ‘Year Zero’ take on the Santa Claus myth, then Yule can be looked on as a ‘Year 100’ counterpoint.


Yule looks at how Nick reconciles his sense of self with he stories told about him, and how the stories we tell about our own lives construct our understanding of who we are. The tone could be described as ‘if Hellboy were Santa Claus’; Father Christmas if he were reimagined by Mike Mignola and Neil Gaiman.

If you live forever, how do you decide what’s still worth fighting for? How do you keep your sense of self when everything around you is tinged with impermanence? If everyone you know dies, century after century, is there any part of you that remains the same?

Read more about Yule, and download the script of the first issue.


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