The ‘Old White Dude’ Pledge

In today’s L.A.Times, Chris Erskine wrote his ‘Millennial Pledge‘ of all the things about that demographic that annoy him. This is one millennial’s response.

The Baby Boomer Pledge

– My generation were not entitled to screw over society, the economy & the environment for our personal gain.

– I am grateful there were labor laws when I was young to provide me with job security and mean I only needed one income.

– I accept my prejudiced opinions are distasteful in modern society.

– Just once, I will try driving something economical.

– Just once, I will try eating without complaining about another ethnic group.

– I will no longer consider tacos to be “foreign food”.

– I will learn to laugh at things that don’t affect me, not desperately try to regulate them to my liking.

– When meeting someone for the first time, I shall not judge then based on gender, ethnicity or sexuality.

– I will not burn those federal safeguards that protect our economy in order to turn a quick profit.


2 thoughts on “The ‘Old White Dude’ Pledge

  1. You could have proofread it first. Now he’s going to go back to his article (which he did proofread) and add another bullet point: “Make sure you don’t make yourself look lazy in front of the person you’re rebutting for calling you lazy.”

    Other than that, good points.


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