The Night Before Star Wars

‘Twas the Night Before Star Wars

and, all through the house,

not a Tauntaun was stirring,

not even on Hoth.


A young Hutt was nestled

all snug in his bed,

while visions of stormtroopers

danced through his head.


With all of his heart

the Hutt he did wish,

that the Force would be strong

with good old Sith Nick.


For, lo! The Death Star

loomed shiny and bright.

A foreboding black shape;

’twas no moon, he was right.


And aboard was Darth Claus

with his stormtrooper elf.

His sleigh, a Tie Fighter.

Fett, the Elf on the Shelf.


The Millennium Falcon

rose into the sky,

full of goodness and joy

like a Christmas mince pie!


But the carrot put out

on a plate by the hearth

glowed red as a saber

in the presence of Darth!


And for one special evening

the carrot became

a bright red lightsaber

for John and for Jane.


And, hark! It’s the Death Star

orbiting over head,

the alliance defeated,

the rebels have fled!


His twinkling red saber

cut bright through the night.

“Merry Star Wars to all,

and to all a good fight!”


The Night Before Star Wars - Complete


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