Lego Batman: Dropping the mic

Whatever your thoughts on Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, the truth is that if you’re not excited for The Lego Batman movie then you’re just not doing life right.

Looking to be every bit as sharp and funny as The Lego Movie, the trailer exudes so much heart it even keeps you engaged as The Dark Knight reheats the dinner Alfred left him in the Batcave.

In the screen grab below, we see Batman entering the Batcave after a night of saving Gotham (in his own words, “It was off the chain.”). The rows of different bat costumes include the current black look, the Batman Beyond costume, Com-Bat, El Murciélago, Buccaneer Bat, Clown Bat and what looks to be Disco Bat.


Lego Batman is the Dark Knight we all deserve, and 2017 can’t come soon enough.


I’ve also just seen his boxing outfit, Raging Bat!



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