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I wonder if Jane Austen had this problem?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that anyone who writes consistently will always start planning the next book before finishing the current one. You should be redrafting; researching those topics you unexpectedly found yourself including in the book but know little about; listing plot holes and trying to trap more. There are dozens of things you should be doing and you diligently work through them and persist in making you book the best you can make it.

But there is always at least one part (and usually several parts) of your mind that are racing ahead to the next project and lining up its characters, its themes, the fulcrums of its plot and the choices your characters are going to have to face.

You would think this would be a distraction, but in truth I think it just helps clarify the redrafting and editing, especially when the next book you are planning is the next in the series. It keeps you focused on what you’re doing despite it being a distraction. It adds elements of excitement and the new as you continually revise and rework something you have already written.

It stops your work from getting stale as your rework it. As long as your can temper your impatience and not just abandon the editing to jump straight into writing the new book, of course.

And so I go, back to redrafting The God of Las Vegas and to persist in daydreaming about the third California Gothic novel, The Goddess of Los Angeles.