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The Nookpad

In my last post I mentioned how I wrote much of the first draft of two books using the Swype keyboard on my phone. Now I’ve taken this one step further and bought a Nook eReader.

The Nook is just configured for reading, but with a little judicious hacking it can run as a fully capable tablet on which I can now check my emails, write, tweet and even send texts. Now, it’s no longer a Nook but a Nookpad.

Just as the E Ink screens are perfect for reading in all lights and all conditions, it’s also perfect for writing. It’s lightweight, the battery lasts for months and you can sit in direct sunlight and write. It’s better than paper, as you don’t have to decipher your handwriting afterwards and, at the first available WiFi connection, it backs up everything you’ve written to make it immediately available on any other device. It’s the equivalent of having a dozen notebooks in my back pocket with the pages searchable.