Fierce, Volume 1: Self Entitled

Who are The Fierce?

The Fierce are a network of activists who fight misogyny and prejudice in Trump’s America.

Through a thousand small lessons we are nudged toward accepting toxic masculinity as a social norm. Fierce looks at the damage done to those who embrace it, and the toll it takes on those who fight it.

You can read the script of the first issue of Fierce: Self Entitled, as well as listen to the issue’s playlist. It’s Wonder Woman meets Bitch Planet.

Volume 1: Self Entitled

Alina French is a businesswomen, artist, songwriter, musician, singer and philanthropist. She also secretly funds a network of anonymous activists who fight misogyny, harassment and injustice. They are The Fierce.

Regular people with nothing more than a homemade mask to protect their identity, The Fierce fight in the belief that everyone can be a better person. With Alina leading a change in their agenda, Megan is a grassroots activist who’s focused on righting wrongs and kicking ass. With a biker gang as her backup and Alina’s resources available, Megan sets to take down a network of online trolls who’ve been gaining notoriety.

As an actor making her first superhero blockbuster, Jennifer Hernandez treats harassment as a part of the job. But when this harassment impacts her 14 year old neighbor, Jen is compelled to track down the paparazzi responsible.

Angry about the comic book adaptation Jen stars is, a burnt out high school teacher begins to stalk her and demand assurance that the character so important to him won’t be ruined on screen. And, across the country, Glen is a hardworking family man with an online identity where he harasses women. Fixated with Jen, he doesn’t realize that Megan is coming to not only change his behavior, but change his reality.

What are you afraid of?

There is no ‘one bad day’ that determines the direction of our lives, but hundreds of incremental circumstances and learnt responses.

In volume 1, Self Entitled, The Fierce are taking their fight in a radical new direction, targeting abusive, threatening people and pushing them to face the fears and address what’s really driving their anti-social behavior. They learnt misogyny and prejudice acceptable, and it’s something they can unlearn.

A Collective

Face It


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